The Internet

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The internet enables connected users to exchange information between each other 24×7.  Users access information from work, home and mobile through a number of portable devices.  Internet has become ubiquitous allowing information to be available anywhere.  Search engine optimisation programmes facilitate the discovery of information to its target audience.

Internet Services vary in nature, and the target audience may differ from users to machines.  Basic internet services include the world wide web, instant messaging and social networking.  Innovative internet services are shifting the use of the internet from internet of information (world wide web) to internet of users (social networking) to internet of things (connected intelligent devices).

eVolve Internet Services has been one of the pioneer internet services providers in Malta.  It was established in 2001 to facilitate home users and business accessing and exchanging information online.  eVolve Internet Services transformed from a web application development house to a web service integrator, in order to make use of already available popular tools to meet varying business requirements.

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