Internet Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

Providing cost-effective and current internet technologies built around specific client requirements since 2001.

Our Services

Service 1

Secure Web Hosting

We provide a wide range of web hosting services, including websites, securing web resources and branding of web resources. Our Web hosting services is complimentary of a pre-installed CMS (WordPress and other selections) to provide organisations full control over websites. We can also provide a custom name for Facebook pages.

Service 2

Internet Consultancy

With over 15 years experience in internet technologies, bespoke development and open source software we provide you a holistic approach to every business need.

Service 2

Web Marketing

Over 10 years experience with Google Adwords and Google Ad-sense to develop the best marketing campaign for each business need. Assistance on Facebook marketing is also provided to target users on this popular Social Network.

Service 2

Domain Name Services

We provide services that correspond to the branding strategy of organisations to be used in relation to WebSites, Email Addresses and Facebook Pages. Domain services include registration and domain name services.

Service 2

eMail Packages

A choice of professional eMail packages to suite large corporate and SME requirements. End-to-End mail services may be provided but the most popular package include full mail administration, web and mobile access and on-line support.

Service 2

Internet Security

As online resources are always prone to malicious attacks, these services provide the opportunities to minise security related risks. These services vary from the provision of digital certificates, wab application firewalls and other configuration enhancements to auditing and reporting of existing resources.

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